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1.     Watch Your Diet.

Little do many people know, dental care is closely related to what you eat and drink. Diet is important! Certain foods can damage your teeth while others promote your health. Rather than promoting tooth decay and erosion, focus on fuelling your body with nutrients and vitamins from natural foods.

2.     Drink More Water.

Just like your food choice, what you drink is extremely important to your smile, too. Be sure to eliminate large amounts of alcohol consumption and drink more water. Water promotes natural saliva production, creating a naturally fresh, clean mouth.

3.     Ask Your Dentist About Fluoride.

Many people may not realize everything that fluoride does to keep your smile strong. In fact, it may be forgotten altogether. Celebrities are sure to ask their dentists how they can keep their smiles strong with fluoride protection against cavities and decay. After all, a strong smile is a beautiful smile!

4.     Don’t Put All the Pressure on Your Dentist.

Sure, visiting the dentist is critical to maintaining excellent oral health, but that’s not the only way to ensure your teeth are in good shape. You must practice excellent preventive care at home by brushing and flossing your teeth on a regular basis.

5.     Take Advantage of What Your Dentist has to Offer

One of the biggest secrets to a great smile is using your dentist as a resource and tool to achieve the smile of your dreams. Celebrities do their part to keep their teeth sparkling and shiny, but that doesn’t mean that they never need a little extra help reaching their smile goals.

Every once in a while, celebrities may turn to their dentist for a little extra help with brightening their smile. Typically, they’ll get professional teeth whitening in the office for dramatic, glistening results. Other times, if a celebrity experiences dental trauma, they’ll look to their dental team right away. Dentists are here to help! They may be able to fix a chipped tooth with dental bonding or even a veneer.

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