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Dentist in Basildon

Need a trusted dentist in Basildon, Essex? Tired of dental woes? Tooth Doctor is here to solve your dental problems. Experience expert care and a healthier, happier smile. Book your appointment now and let us transform your dental journey.

At Tooth Doctor in Basildon, we offer an extensive range of dental services at the clinic, including preventative, emergency and cosmetic dental care.

Dental Treatments in Basildon

Teeth Whitening


Dental Implants


Hygiene Treatments

Emergency Dentist

Teeth Straightening

Composite Bonding

Facial Aesthetics







Celebrity Smiles We Created

Louise Peters

Practice Manager

Dr Osi Akpene

Associate Dentist

Dr Tudor Cosma

Specialist Interest Orthodontic Dentist

Dr Yazan Douedari

Associate Dentist

Dr Anmol Patel

Associate Dentist

Dr Diman Mustafa


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Why Choose Tooth Doctor in Basildon?

Searching for premium dental care in Basildon? Look no further than Tooth Doctor! Our dentists in Basildon, Essex are dedicated to providing the highest quality personalised dental treatments. From routine check-ups to advanced procedures, we offer a range of customised services to cater to your unique needs.

Our friendly Basildon team of professionals is committed to ensuring your comfort and delivering exceptional care. Experience the difference at Tooth Doctor and achieve a healthier, brighter smile that’s tailored just for you.

  • Expertise: Our experienced professionals stay updated with the latest advancements.
  • Personalised Care: Tailored treatments aligned with your unique needs.
  • Comprehensive Services: From routine care to advanced procedures, all under one roof.
  • Patient-Centric: A friendly team ensuring your comfort and ease.
  • Convenient Locations: 7 Market Pavement, Basildon, Essex
  • Proven Excellence: A track record of satisfied patients over time.


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