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Botox and lip fillers are two treatments that have shown a steady growth in popularity in recent years because of their wrinkle reducing qualities.

If you are a regular Botox user or perhaps you are new to fillers and Botox, it can be confusing who to choose for your treatment. Your dentist is perhaps someone that wouldn’t immediately spring to mind, but of all the professionals out there who specialise in these treatments, they are often the best choice.  But why are dentists the best people for Botox and fillers?

Specialist Knowledge

Dentists are highly skilled medical professionals who have to go through extensive training to qualify. During their training years, dentists will acquire in-depth knowledge of the anatomy of the face from the forehead down to the chin (the maxillofacial area). Furthermore, a dentist is able to provide holistic diagnosis and advice to patients on an issue which concerns the face.  Other professionals such as a general plastic surgeon, an ophthalmologist or dermatologist will not have anywhere near the same level of knowledge that a dentist has in relation to the face. What’s more, a dentist is more familiar with how to address complications which arise in the facial area. Dentists carry out far more invasive procedures in the facial area than any other healthcare specialist.

Exceptional Training

Although dentists will need to undertake additional training to administer Botox injections, they already have a wealth of theoretical knowledge in the facial area and as a result, they are able to make patients more comfortable during the treatment. Dentists are perfectly suited to the delivery of Botox and lip fillers because of their understanding of the facial anatomy they can work with clients to meet their specific requirements.


Although complications with these treatments are relatively rare, they do happen. Although Botox is not believed to be a complex or risky procedure, it can result in complications. If you use an un-regulated professional who has not undertaken the required Botox training, complications and other problems can arise. If they do, the practitioner will not be suitably equipped to deal with the complications. Dentists are experienced and well equipped to monitor the medical and aesthetic elements of the procedure which gives clients more assurance that they are being treated by a competent and qualified professional.

Why Choose a Dentist For Your Botox or Lip Filler Treatment?

Some dentists may have experience in the use of Botox in their dentistry work such as when they are treating patients with dentures, orthodontic cases or patients with high lip lines. No other healthcare provider has the ability to help patients in the way a dentist can.

Dentists are perhaps one of the most accurate professionals when it comes to injecting because they regularly inject the gums during dental procedures. Consequently, they ensure that the injections are relatively pain-free, quick and comfortable for the patient.

Dentists are now much more than a place to go for dental treatment and they are becoming increasingly recognised as a place where they can provide a one-stop shop for Botox, fillers and dental treatment.

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