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Dentures are, as you may know it a removable plate or frame that holds one or more artificial teeth. In the trendy 60’s, it was common for jokes about dentures to be made, but not anymore.

There are so many options now available, whether you need a complete set of teeth or a few teeth replacing. At Tooth Doctor, we pride ourselves in providing our patients with all the different options that are bespoke for each and every one of you.

Dentures can be relined or rebased, where we adjust the fitting to make them more adaptive to you, with the beauty being that we keep the teeth on your dentures as they are.

If you like the look of your old dentures and want new ones, we have special techniques to copy your old ones but give them upgrades in areas you need changing, for example the shape, colour, position of teeth and of course their fit.

We are also able to provide you with dentures made of different materials.

Plastic dentures have been at the forefront of design for years and they have a proven track record. These come in two types; the traditional plastic or the more “new and improved” plastic known as flexible dentures.

If plastic doesn’t tickle your fancy, you have the option of metal dentures (provided you are eligible). These metal dentures conduct heat and many of our patients have shared their success stories where they feel these metal dentures have changed their whole outlook on how their teeth integrate with taste, function and aesthetics!

Lastly, there are the superior implant retained dentures – these are most popular with our patients who have lost their bottom teeth and want something with more rigidity.

At Tooth Doctor we will provide you with a personal service and ensure quality results. If you value the importance of how your dentures look and function, book in today for a consultation and we assure you, you will not be disappointed.