Join Our Dental Care Plan

Becoming a member of our Dental Care Plan enables you to budget for your regular care with easy to manage monthly instalments.

Inclusive dental examinations, hygiene treatments and x-rays are included in your plan and a 10% reduction in cost of general dental treatments.

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£1199per month
  • 2 Dental Examinations per year
  • Oral Cancer screening
  • Free Periodontal health check
  • 2 Hygiene Treatments per year
  • Complimentary Dental X-Rays (up to 4 per year)
  • 10% reduction in cosmetic and private dental treatment

Dental Membership Benefits

You pay £101.72 less per year for all these benefits and save 10% more for general dental treatments. Please see some examples below of the savings you will enjoy as a member.

BenefitsPrivate pay as you go costMembership cost
Dental Examinations x 2£50.00Inclusive
Hygiene Appointments x 2£90.00Inclusive
Dental X-Rays x 4£60.00Inclusive
Emergency Consultation x 1£45.00Inclusive
Total Cost£245.00£11.99 per month
TreatmentPrivate CostMembership Cost
Composite Filling£79.00£71.10
Root Canal£295.00£265.50
Denture (Acrylic)£299.00£269.10
Denture (Metallic)£599.00£539.10

* Some specialist and complex treatments may be excluded from discounts